Friday, February 22, 2019

Hollywood Research #5 Langer's Delicatesseon-Restaurant

Research #5
Langer's Delicatesseon-Restaurant
704 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057

We started researching our book GAME TOWN, in Hollywood, on Hollywood Blvd. Since this was a fact-finding "mission" we decided to take the time to sample the deli. that our characters would frequent for meetings, dates, etc. (Or as an excuse to sample great food).
          Langer's Deli is a kosher-style delicatessen located in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles.
          Founded in 1947, Langer's is known for its No. 19 pastrami sandwich on rye, described by the Los Angeles Times as "the Marilyn Monroe of pastrami sandwiches".] Since its founding, the restaurant claims to have sold over ten million pounds of pastrami, and its pastrami has been deemed by some as being the best in the world.
          Langer's Deli was opened in June 1947 by Albert J. Langer, originally a deli catering business.  
Langer's initially operated with only himself, his wife, Jean and a dishwasher, all working sixteen-hour days. 
          The neighborhood suffered a significant decline by the 1980s, but Langer kept his restaurant open, convinced that it would continue to have customers. By 1993, the restaurant was seriously doubting its future, with it even considering closing entirely.

          However, Langer's credits its survival to the opening of the Red Line of the Los Angeles Metro Rail, with the Westlake/MacArthur Park station opening just a block away. Office workers in downtown Los Angeles would take the Red Line from 7th Street/Metro Center to Langer's, providing a steady stream of business.
          When we learned heard about this wonderful #19 pastrami sandwich we just had to try it. So we found the deli and had lunch. It has the best pastrami  (#19) and hot tongue sandwiches. THEY ALSO HAVE GLUTEN FREE BREAD!

AH Moment

Our characters are definitely stopping here for lunch!! Either on a date or for a casual meeting to exchange information. MacArthur Park is just across the street. Perhaps a walk along the lake after lunch or dinner?

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