Friday, February 1, 2019

Hollywood Research #2 Grauman's EgyptianTheater

Research #2

Grauman's Egyptian Theatre

6712 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
          We started researching our new book GAME TOWN, in Hollywood, on Hollywood Blvd. We came across the Egyptian Theatre and decided to take a look. The theatre was getting ready for a Red Carpet affair that evening in the long walkway to the entrance. The set up for the stars and press was completed (including the red carpet) and under heavy security watch.

          The theatre was mentioned in SLIVERS OF GLASS not far from the murder scene and brought back memories of a few dates Skylar Drake had with his late wife, Claire before they were married

          The red carpet set up was perfect to include in our cover design. So we took several pictures of it.

AHA moment

Looking at the entrance to the theatre, we got the idea to begin the novel with our main character, Skylar Drake, PI, and his partner, Casey Dolan, ending a job for the studios at one of the award ceremonies ( Oscars, Emmys) and somehow connect with a few stars. Now to research where and when the awards were held in 1956 and who won.

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