Monday, November 4, 2013


One Thanksgiving was made unforgetable by a cruise we to the Mexican Riviera.

It was a wonderful week of sunshine, and gentle breezes. Of course there was an occasional rough sea.

The ship was full to capacity with families and couples celebrating the holiday week in an untraditional way. The evenings were full of activities for singles, couples and families.

We had a choice of a traditional sit down Thanksgiving dinner or a full buffet. We chose the buffet. However, seating arrangements were with other people:  large families were with large families and small families were with small families.  Singles and couples chose where they sat. We chose young families.

Not only did we experience foods we never would have thought of for Thanksgiving, deliciously prepared, we also had a wonderful time with young couples with the most adorable children! And couples from all over the US and the world. Lasting memories and friendships were forged that day.

Though over the years we have had many, many wonderful thanksgiving experiences, this was added to the top.