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Hollywood Research #3 The PIg 'n Whistle

Hollywood Research #3

The Pig 'n Whistle
6714 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

We started researching our new book GAME TOWN, in Hollywood, on Hollywood Blvd. Since this was a fact-finding "mission" we stopped at things we came across that looked interesting. After scouring the Grauman's Egyptian Theatre, we turned the corner and found the Pig 'n Whistle Restaurant and Bar. It wasn't open yet so we looked in the windows and walked around. It was fascinating, the decor and that wooden pig was eye-catching.
          The Pig 'n Whistle was originally a chain of restaurants and candy shops, founded by John Gage in 1908. 

          The Hollywood location of the Pig 'n Whistle was first opened in 1927] next to The Egyptian Theatre. The building housing the new restaurant featured carved oak rafters, imported tiles, artistically wrought grilles and balcony and paneled fresco paintings. It was frequented by celebrities such as Spencer TracyShirley Temple and  Howard Hughes
          The original Hollywood location closed down after World War II and its distinctive wooden furniture, decorated with hand-carved whistle-playing pigs, was sold.
          By the late 1990s, the location housed a fast-food pizza restaurant, and all that remained of the original tenant was a bas-relief pig on the front of the building. In 1999, British restaurant operator Chris Breed remodeled the building, recovering the spectacular original ceiling ornamentation, and re-opened the restaurant.
          The restaurant name originates from two Old English words, piggin, a lead mug, and wassail, a wine drunk during the yuletide.
          It still remains a staple of Hollywood serving family style food and a great bar.

AHA Moment

It would have been the perfect place for Sky and a suspect to meet for lunch as he gathered info on the case. Unfortunately, the Pig 'n Whistle was not open for business in Spring of 1957. So we decided to make mention of the place during interviews our PI has with suspects.

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