Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hollywood Research #6 El Royale Apartments

El  Royale Apartments

450 North Rossmore Avenue, Los Angeles,

          We started researching our book GAME TOWN, in Hollywood, on Hollywood Blvd. We chose the Hancock Park area for the first murder to take place and decided to use it as a base for the book. We took a day and drove around the area and pointed out who lived in what type of home. We came across the most elegant, beautiful building on Rossmore. We stopped to take a look around, but security wouldn't let us in without an invitation from a resident. So we jotted down the El Royale and looked it up on the internet when we got home. Oh were we shocked to see the interior pictures and read about the building.

          The El Royale Apartments was a 12-floor architectural wonder, built in 1929. It was designed to be a "Class A" residential building.

          The apartment building became the go-to home-away-from-home for the rich East Coasters "wintering" in California. Actors including Clark Gable, Loretta Young , Harry Langdon, Helen Morgan, and writer William Faulkner all call the El Royale home. One of the most popular tenants during the 1930s was the notorious actor/Mob associate George Raft, who lived in one of the penthouses and threw parties for friends in the reception room.

          It is said on a clear day, you can see the ocean from the top floors.

AHA Moments

This apartment building is perfect for murder, conspiracy, abduction, name it. So plotting something traitorous would be perfect.

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