Thursday, October 31, 2019

Autumn in Canada #1

Autumn in Canada
Flight to Boston
Monday, September 30, 2019

We just returned from our twenty-day vacation including our Boston to Montréal cruise.  We started in Boston, spend 5 days to enjoy the city. Then cruised to Montréal. We spent three days in Montréal enjoying the culture and the Autumn colors. We wanted to share our adventure with you

We took Uber to LAX and boarded a Delta Airline flight to Boston. Because of the long flight and our back problems we flew Business class. The flight was five hours. We flew out at 8:05am. Because of the time change (going east), we landed in Boston at 5:15pm.

The flight was uneventful with just occasion air turbulence for short while. We landed at Boston Logan Int'l Airport. The weather was 48F, wind chill factor 40F. Again we took Uber to our hotel which worked very nicely.

We checked into the Sheraton/Bonvoy Hotel, Boston. We went to our room and it was one of the best rooms we have stayed while traveling. It had a sleeping area, living room area and a small office area. It was perfectly set up for us to do everything we needed for our trip and writing our next novel.
Picture of Trader Joe's

          After registering and getting settled, it was 7:00pm and we were getting hungry. Because we are on a special diet we researched Trader Joe and found one two blocks from our hotel. With the help of GPS, we walked enjoying the lovely sunset. When we got to Trader Joe's, there was a sign out front, "The Smallest Trader Joe's in the Known Universe".  We took the escalator down and found the smallest Trader Joe's we had ever seen!

To make something this small, and well-stocked work, they had a strict system of shopping. You got your cart and got in line at the back wall. there was a line that snaked along the wall everyone with carts and pulled off the shelf what you wanted. At the end of the line was the cashier, you paid for your items and took the escalator up and left. So, when in Rome you do what the Romans do, we got our cart and stood in line. We took off the shelf what we wanted, followed the line all the way around, paid for our items, returned our cart and walked home. Everyone online was orderly and friendly. We talked to those in front of us, in back of us, cattycorner from us. It was a nice meeting place. Though, I wondered what you would do if you were in a hurry or only wanted to pick up one or two items. So I asked. Everyone I asked shrugged and said, "follow the line".
          As we walked to our Hotel with our bag of food enjoying the city lights of Boston Back Bay, we agreed this was probably how Lemmings feel, resigned.

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