Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sacramento #7

Sacramento, CA

In search of a plot for our next book

We spent seven days in Sacramento to research our next book, GAME TOWN,  for 2019 release. So we thought we would give you a peek into researching a new book.

On March 26, 2018, we had breakfast, packed, checked out and headed to our last research stop the Automotive Museum.
The place is huge, looks like an airplane hangar!  We had a tour guide who knew a lot about the history of automotive in the US. The cars on display begin in 1895 and end in current 2018 cars.
We needed to find cars for our characters (old and new) in the Skylar Drake Murder Mystery series. With suggestions from our guide, we found just the right cars to match the personality of our characters and the role they will play in the book.

-Lori Carrington (the secretary) will drive a Nash Metro,

-Marion Carrington (long time matron of Beverly Hills) a 1929 Super Six Hudson-Victoria

-Tom Stone (mob boss) and girlfriend Coco Amore, Ford Thunderbird, 1956.
It helped to actually see the cars when making the choice.

We checked out an area called Poverty Ridge. People told us about using it as a body dump. At one time it was where lower income people lived, at the bottom of the ridge. The upper part of the ridge was where the rich lived. We drove by and found lovely homes on the top of the ridge and one story homes on the bottom of the ridge. It is a lovely area now.
It as a freezing 50 degrees outside. We headed for Trader Joe’s for a To Go dinner to eat at the airport. By the time we got to the gate, we were well fed, warmed up and ready for the flight home.
Friends picked us up from Long Beach Airport right on time, walked in the house at 9:30pm exhausted!

Aha moment-While waiting for our flight we struck up conversations with several passengers from Sacramento going to Long Beach. Not only did they recommend several more places for body dumps, but they also suggested places for fight scenes. Can't wait to sink my fingers into the story.

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