Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sacramento # 5

Sacramento, CA
In search of a plot for our next book.
We spent seven days in Sacramento to research our next book, GAME TOWN,  for 2019 release. So we thought we would give you a peek into researching a new book.
On March 24, 2018, Janet was tied up with her colleagues all day, so Bill decided to drive to the California Automobile Museum as it was only ten minutes away. The GPS put him there quickly, but when he turned the last corner traffic stopped. A police car blocked the street.  Bill had driven into the assembly point for a massive march on the State Capitol (March for Our Lives.) Since it was a Saturday, thousands of people and their cars prevented him from going to the museum.  He made his way out of the area and returned to the hotel. The streets and intersections were blocked by police. He had to drive around the Capitol grounds then north and west to get back to the hotel. 

He decided trying to get anywhere today would be a mess so parked the rental car in the hotel lot and walked to lunch at a place called Sandra Dee’s BBQ. Their fired oyster Po’boy and potato salad were great.

Back at the hotel,  he spent the rest of the afternoon writing.

At 5:00 he walked about three blocks to the Sheraton Hotel and met Janet for a tour of the beautiful hotel lobby.  We headed for dinner at Pieology Pizzeria – a custom order pizzeria on the order of Chipotle.  On the way, we stopped to read the many historical plaques. It was a cold walk there and back but the pizza was really good.
Sunset had just started, we took different streets back to the hotel enjoying the charming Victorian homes along the way. We noticed an unusual white building a few blocks away with what looked like a mini replica next to it. It was getting colder and darker by the minute. We ran into the tail end of a walk for Stephon Clark.

Aha moment-During Janet had lunch with local therapists. After telling them about our murder mysteries, Janet asked, "Where would you dump a dead body?"  Well, they gave her cross street and local landmarks- they seemed to have thought about it before!
Several highly recommend we check out Poverty Ridge and explained that before the levees have completed that area as well as others flooded yearly. However,  the ridge was where the rich built their homes and the poor living below the ridge. We checked the map and there was Poverty Ridge. So we drive by on our way to dinner.

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