Thursday, September 14, 2017

Scandinavia #1


We just returned from a wonderful 23 day trip to Scandinavia. Though Jet Lag has reared its ugly head, we wanted to share our adventure.

The flight
           On August 17, we flew Scandinavia Airlines (SAS) nonstop from LAX to Stockholm, a 10-1/2 hour flight with a connection to Copenhagen, another 2 hours. Because of our old age and long hours on flight, the only way we could survive was to go Business Class. Unfortunately, the flight left 2 hours late from LAX, something about the terror attack in Barcelona. 

           Our flight was uneventful, comfortable and relaxing. The food was fantastic, breakfast, lunch and constant snacks. Our meals were served on China, with silverware and real glassware!

          Because of our delay in leaving LA we were 2 hours late for our connection to Copenhagen. Our next flight wasn't scheduled for 2 more hours so we enjoyed a wonderful time meeting people from all over the world! All of us were waiting at the airport for different reasons and shared travel stories. It was rather entertaining.

Landing in Copenhagen
          We finally landed in Copenhagen at 3:30pm (LA Time 5:30am). Our hotel, The Strand, is located on one of the many canals that lace the city. Our hotel was built in 1869 and was originally a linen manufacturing company. It makes sense, being so close to the river and getting shipments from the harbor. It seems the Danes repurpose old building probably because they are built so well.

          After registering, we went in search of lunch. You'll never guess, Mc Donald's! They even took our credit card without batting an eye. The weather was cold and muggy, bundle up time. We did have some drizzle. They say this is normal for this time of year.

          It cleared up so we continued our walk along the canals. It was lovely, and romantic. The sky was perfect for pictures of the amazing architecture. Because we were so far north the sun set late, around 9:00pm.

          We got back to the hotel, made plans for tomorrow and passed out about 7:00pm. Jet lag started right away for us.

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