Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Scandinavia #3

Leaving Copenhagen

          It was time to leave for our long awaited cruise of the Baltic Sea. But we were sad to leave Copenhagen. It was all we expected and even more.
          We had reserved a driver and car to pick us up and deliver us to our ship, the Oceania Marina. We were surprised how smooth the check in procedure was. This was our fifth cruise, our first with Oceania. We have cruised with 4 different lines, Celebrity Cruise Line was our favorite. So we will see how much we like this line.

The Cruise Line
          We went through the initial check in, security and had our luggage taken for security check on the dock. We were an hour early for embarkation and thought we would have to wait, but they let us board. As we entered the lobby, a string quartet played classical music, the lobby was majestic with wrought iron, tiled floors, etched Lalique glass and crystal chandeliers.
          Our stateroom was not ready but the lunch buffet had just opened for serving. We had an amazing lunch. The view of Copenhagen and the open sea from the 12th deck was breathtaking. We still had some time before our room was ready so we investigated the different common areas. Every decoration, from carpet to ceiling was amazingly thought out.

          They called our room and we headed for the Deck 8. Our stateroom was very nice, plenty of drawers, a  large closet and a lovely veranda that looked right out to the sea. Our luggage was waiting for us by the door. Ever thing arrived including a small duffel bag that was not ours. I gave it to the porter and said, "This is not ours." He apologized and left with the duffel bag.

          We changed and went for a soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi. The air was 56 F but the thick robes they left us kept us warm. We soaked for 20 minutes, drinks were served to us in the tub. It felt good to be totally warm inside. We returned and found the same small duffel bag by our door again.  I found an attendant and said, "This is not ours." He apologized and left with the duffel bag.

          We showered and dressed for dinner. Now, we usually take cruises along the west coast of the US and one Caribbean cruise. Seldom do we need to dress for dinner other than something clean, tidy and nice. We didn't realize that Oceania was a luxury liner and we were expected to dress for dinner every evening. So we dressed and headed to the dining room. We shared a table with a sweet older couple from Kentucky who were celebrating their 60 anniversary. It was nice to celebrate a monumental year with them. And surprisingly, they had a glutten-free dinner waiting for me, it was delicious!

          It was around 10:00pm, we had already left the docks and we sailing the Baltic Sea. We stopped and looked out the deck on the way back, the moon was almost full and left a lovely trail of light on the water.

          We returned to our stateroom only to find the same duffel bag waiting for us by the door, third time. It was like indigestion, it kept coming back! I gave it to the night steward.  I really felt sorry for the proper person.

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