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Autumn in Canada #10

Autumn in Canada #10

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

          This morning we woke to the sunrise streaming in our stateroom window. We watched out our window as the sky lit up. The day was bright, sunny, and cloudless.

Charlottetown is where the book Anne of Green Gables took place. There were 4 tours to visit the house and grounds of Green Gables. But they were full. We decided to go for a walk around historic Charlottetown instead. We walked through Customs where there were many photo opportunities. Several stands lined the wall of the large room selling merchandise. Bill stopped to look at some maple syrup when he dropped a glass bottle and it cracked. What a sticky mess!

          Charlottetown. Prince Edward Island is really quite beautiful. We stopped in the Port visitor center and got a map of the town. On our way out a woman stopped us for a survey and gave us two tickets to the musical play, Annie & Gilbert (about Annie of Green Gables) that would have cost $79.95 each if purchased as an excursion.

          We decided to take the historic walk rather than the shopping route. Up the hill and through some very quaint little tree-lined streets with many colorful Victorian houses and past a huge cathedral.

We continued up the street and down a couple of alleys. Some trees were starting to turn but the colors were nowhere as intense or complete as our last trip to this area of the country 2008.

          We stopped at the Province House and sat under an Elm tree to admire the colorful trees on the grounds.

A horse-drawn wagon loaded with tourists passed by with the clip-clop of the hooves and jingling of the harness bells.  We passed some cute shops and stopped to buy an ornament for our tree.  On the corner across the street, we found the Guild theater where the musical was to take place. We checked the time and made the decision not to wait around for two hours, or have lunch in town and then sit through the musical. Our legs and feet ached – in fact, we ached all over and decided to go back to the ship for lunch, a swim, hot tub soak.. That was the correct choice.
          After lunch, we went to the pool deck (which is enclosed by a retractable glass roof. The air was warm and the sun felt good. We laid on a couple of chaise lounges and both ended up falling asleep. After a short nap. We went back to the cabin to change.

          The swimming pool water was the perfect temperature, but the pool is quite small not deep at all. We swam a bit and then soaked in the hot tub. We got out and stopped at the Dive-in bar (fast food), We each made a taco,  the guacamole was excellent.
          We changed for dinner and went to the library to continue reading the two books we’d been enjoying.  We got some hot chocolate and watched the sunset out of the huge windows. So, today we watched both the sunrise and sunset today! 

         Our 7:30 dinner reservation came up and headed to the dining room. We both had the most delicious New England clam chowder with dinner...and it was gluten-free!

          Tonight we set our clocks back another hour for Quebec time.

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